“My Concussion” or “Baking Helps the Healing” pt. 1

Posted by chloe.rosen at 09/7/11 11:15 PM in Clean Plate Blog | Desserts

Doctor’s strict orders: I can do nothing but sleep, listen to Harry Potter books on tape with the volume super low and cook. So today is the first of what I would imagine many more days will look like. For the first time in my known existence I felt like making a (gasp) vanilla cake. I know, I know, something must have been altered in my brain when our car flipped over (literally), altering the very fibers of my soul. But no, indeed, I found myself with The Cake Bible’s All-Occasion Yellow Downy Butter Cake in the oven, Flour Bakery’s whipped chocolate ganache frosting in the Kitchenaid, and 7-minute icing in my hair. I had a personal little fantasy of a towering slice of fluffy, cloud-like vanilla cake with soft, pillowy chocolate frosting, and I just threw in some 7-minute marshmallowy goodness and some raspberries because they’ve never hurt a soul in their life. Because I was feeling particularly ambitious, I went for a three-layer type deal, and although it turned out a little lopsided and left me feeling a little lonely as I was short 22 people to share it with, it was heaven nonetheless.

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