Hello readers! My name is Chloe Rosen and I’m 18 years old. I’m so excited for you to travel with me through my culinary trials and tribulations. I hope to climb the tallest of flamb├ęd swiss meringue peaks and ski down slippery slopes of chocolate ganache. Welcome to my world, where delicious food is always as easy as pie!

After years of sifting through piles of sticky hand-scrawled papers smeared with butters and batters I decided that enough was enough and that I simply had to get those recipes together somehow. This website, It’s as Easy as Pie, is the result of those late school-nights when I would give anything for instantaneous chocolate chip cookie bliss and all those minutes hovering over the microwave praying that those frozen butter sticks deposited into its depths would somehow morph into perfectly softened and absolutely melted-pool-free matter with which to cream up fluffy with sugar. Now I’ve learned that with a starting time of 11:03, those cookies can hit mouth by 11:37. So roll up your sleeves, dust off your mixer, and let’s get cooking!